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  • Mixed Media Necklace & Thunderbird

    from $129.00
    2 colors available

    Make your outfit pop with these locally, handmade necklaces featuring multi colors and mixed media beads. Top necklace is 16" Length. Bottom neckla...

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  • Colorful Sombrero Necklace


    Hand strung, one of a kind necklace, featuring, an assortment of semi precious stones, and genuine turquoise beads. 22" Length.

  • Swarovski Cross & Earrings

    from $98.00
    3 colors available

    Earrings are neon orange, purple, multi color, and pink tear drop Swarovski crystals. 2" Length.  Top necklace is an assortment of colorful, Swarov...

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  • Swarovski Crystal Earrings (Blues or Pinks)

    2 colors available

    Gorgeous, genuine Swarovski crystal earrings in 2 different colors.

  • Arrowhead Necklace


    Hand strung, one of a kind necklace, featuring, genuine coral and turquoise stones. 19" Length. 2" Pendant.

  • Dragonfly Earrings


    A unique artifact which has been lovingly handcrafted under the strictest of quality control.

  • Pop Silver Necklace


    One of a kind, handmade necklace featuring, sterling silver beads, and genuine Kingsman Turquoise stones. 30" Max adjustable length.

  • Eye Candy Necklace


    16" Triple strand 24k Clad Toulouse chain and white pearl linkage with French kiss and Miel pendants.

  • Mary Necklace


    One of a kind necklace featuring turquoise, crystals, and silver Mary pendant. 30" Length. 3" Pendant

  • Tiki Earrings


    Unique, handmade earrings featuring colorful threads and beads.

  • On Sale

    Bunny Heart Necklace

    Original Price $190.00
    Current Price $95.00

    One of a kind, hand strung necklace with semi precious stones, and sterling silver, reversable bunny floral heart pendant. 20" Length

  • Naja Necklace


    One of a kind, hand strung necklace featuring genuine turquoise beads, sterling silver beads, and a sterling silver signed Naja pendant with turquo...

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  • Florica Necklace

    2 colors available

    Handmade, one of a kind gold necklace featuring genuine pearls and a turquoise stone, with a sacred heart. 16" Length 2" Pendant

  • Pearl Necklaces

    from $139.00

    Top necklace is genuine pearls with cross pendant. 30" Length 4" Pendant Bottom necklace is genuine pearls all the way around. 48" Length

  • Obsidian Necklace


    This demi-sized version of a favorite necklace has two ways to wear: Show the rose cut stone accented with golden beads or flip it to display a det...

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  • One of a Kind Rustic Necklaces

    from $189.00
    2 colors available

    Top necklace is chunky, genuine turquoise and orange stones with lady Guadalupe pendant. 22" Length. Bottom necklace is made with genuine turquoise...

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